Following is a final program for the upcoming visit of the Archbishop of Naples Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe to New York.

"Dire Napoli" (or Telling Naples) is the tag line of His Eminence Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe's visit to New York, which was announced this past December during the inauguration of the Neapolitan crèche exhibit at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York.

The initiative's subtitle "Don't Close the Door on Hope" indicates that its aim is to present Naples to the world without hiding the city's pain and contradictions while highlighting its beauty and hope for redemption.

A series of events will take place over five days when His Eminence will visit the institutions and organizations that have invited him to New York.

Accompanying Cardinal Sepe on his trip will be Undersecretary of State Hon. Vincenzo Scotti, representing the Italian government.
>> See the interview with Hon. Scotti on what "Telling Naples" to the world may mean today.

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